Managed Service

By embracing digital transformation, leveraging advanced technologies, and ensuring data security, manufacturers can achieve improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and a competitive edge in the market.

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What Are The Managed Services?


Providing centralized management and maintenance for the servers used in an organization or company.


We provide that offers service management functions for operating a company's network, with managed network service offerings.


Managed Services Email Server using Zimbra with VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Cloud-based.


Scale up your new devices easily using Managed Device Services.

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Who Are Soltech Services For?


Managed Service focuses on providing full support in the form of managed IT services. Related services such as (Server, Network, CCTV monitoring, Fingerprint, etc)


Managed IT services also include Wifi, CCTV, Telephony, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity so you can have adequate technology services tailored specifically to hospital business needs.


Soltech Managed Service Provider for the hospitality industry designed to support your business activities so that they can be more effective and efficient.


Scale up Managed Service IT services that support the teaching and learning process, with digitalization facilities and integration of network stability that can increase student competitiveness in the digital era.


Managed services for government, Provide IT Infrastructure Management & monitoring, Professional IT Support, let's increase government productivity and resources.

Others Industry

Professional IT Service Provider according to your business needs, to handle various aspects of infrastructure. Helping you focus on business to be effective and efficient.

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