Power & Backup

Soltech Power & Backup

The UPS helps maintain a steady flow of electricity to and from the equipment during a power outage. This keeps the electronic components of the device in a stable condition. As a backup Power Supply Inside the UPS component there is a battery which is the main power source, when electricity flows through the UPS device, this battery will automatically be fully charged.

Benefits of using Soltech UPS:
  1. Prevent the occurrence of damage to electrical equipment when the power goes out.
  2. To prevent data loss or server disconnection when the power goes out
  3. UPS is widely used by buildings that use elevators, its function is to back up the elevator so it doesn’t stop when the power goes out suddenly.
  4. UPS as a backup of electricity to the Generator when the power goes out, this can be overcome when the power goes out, automatically.
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